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January 28, 2015 10:24 AM | Nichole Manner

We at MOPPA have been working tirelessly to bring you a new website. This will make things such as membership registration and renewal SO much simpler, as well as give our members access to posts written by guest bloggers and discount codes from our wonderful vendors. As we learn this new system, please be patient. We are constantly working to tweak and improve the look of the site, as well as take full advantage of the possibilities it holds. The learning curve is pretty steep for all of us, but we are so excited to bring this to you!

I am currently working to get some guest bloggers lined up (have one already - possibly two!) and will like to provide new content at the very least once per month. Please feel free to leave a shout out or a comment here with suggestions on who you may like to hear from, what topics, etc...

Now that the intro is done with...I would encourage you to check out the website some more, along with this FANTASTIC educational opportunity we have called FotoChaos. We will be bringing FC to KC for our fourth year, and it is coming up soon!! March 21-23 in Kansas City, MO! You will not believe the speakers lined up for this event. It is MIND BLOWING, y'all. I'm talking oozing talent....no exaggeration. Prepare to be impressed. Clear out the mid-winter cobwebs in those skulls of yours and make room for TONS of information. (And get some extra rest, 'cause it's tons of fun too!!)

OH!! And how could I forget?!? Print Competition!  (You know you want to...) Case registration fee is only $50, and you may enter up to 6 images. This is a DIGITAL competition! So, all you print comp newbies can get your feet wet with minimal risk. Do. It. ;) Your skill set will thank you.

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